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Name:A Song of Ice and Fire Dressing Room
Posting Access:Anybody
A dressing room and meme community solely for characters from George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series (or the equivalent television show, HBO's Game of Thrones).

This is a meta comm: this means that anything and everything can happen here, regardless of timelines and set canon. Characters can come and go as they please, and interact with characters they otherwise never would have met. We allow duplicates, minor characters and AUs. Just write a post of your character doing or saying something, or post a meme!


1. Don't be a dick.

2. Spoiler marking and cutting is a courtesy to your fellow players for any major information past book one, but will be enforced for A Dance With Dragons content.

3. Please tag your posts! Or tag other people's posts if they forget! The tagging guide will be linked here.

4. Please trigger warn for rape, suicide, child abuse, or incredibly graphic depictions of violence. Marking NC-17 content in the subject line is also a courtesy.

5. Don't post more than one meme a day at the very most, this isn't bakerstreet.

6. Seriously, just don't be a dick.

To report rule breakings, trouble, wank, to ask questions or make suggestions, you can use the mod contact post which doesn't exist yet, or PM [personal profile] amber / [personal profile] turncloak or [personal profile] demisms / [personal profile] krakeness.
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